Anger Over Images of UK Hunter Posing with Dead Elephant and Zebra!


Evans has explained that his hunting was sanctioned by the animal reserves management as a cull. His photos go back as far as 2007, he explained that, “There are around 900 Elephants in this reserve (expanding at seven per cent per year, which is unsustainable). All the meat from the cull is sold to fund community projects such as infrastructure, education of local children, community halls and other community buildings. The license fees go to help the running and maintenance of the reserve. The cull is part of the management of the reserve.”


He continued on to say, “I just love Africa. I am in love with the enormous ecosystem that you can study. Yes, I was part of a cull. That’s explained in my statement. It was seven years ago. I went (to Africa) in 2014, but the pictures she is using are from 2009, 2007 and earlier. There was five years between the last one and the one before that.”


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