Bali Dog Meat Trade: ‘Nothing Primed Me for The Brutal Catching of Dogs’, Says Investigator (+18)


“Luke” is the perfect investigator. He is pleasant, humble manner is disarming. You’d never suspect he’s spying on you.

Animals Australia investigator Luke (not his real name) penetrated the dog meat trade in Bali.

Luke is not his real name. We can’t identify him for security reasons.

“I am part of the Animals Australia research team,” he told 7.30.

“My work is to gather data that can assist in bringing about positive change in the treatment of animals.”

Armed with little more than his phone, a scooter and a small video camera, Luke has spent four months infiltrating and verifying on video, for the first time, the unfathomably brutal dog meat trade in Bali.

This is how he did it.

Warning: the rest of this story contains pictures and descriptions that some people may find upsetting.

Gaining the dog hunters’ trust

Dogs tied up in pen

These dogs were bound and kept in a pen before being slaughtered.

“I began the investigation by locating and getting to know the key players in Bali’s completely free-for-all dog meat industry. Finally they invited me to join them as their gangs stole, hunted, poisoned and slayed dogs.

“They believed I was fascinated in filming the preparation of local cuisine. That permitted me to have access to all facets of the trade, from catching, to killing, to the butchering of dogs.

Pretending that I wasn’t distressed every time that I saw a dog being terrifyingly abused was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as an investigator.

“I have trained myself to cope with brutality, but nothing prepared me for the ruthless catching of dogs in a village. I focused on my camera work but it was unquestionably gut-wrenching to hear these dogs voice their sense of treachery. They were literally screaming and wailing in terror and sorrow.

“The urge to interfere as defenseless dogs were being shot, bludgeoned or hung was almost devastating. But jumping in and helping that one animal might make me feel better, but it won’t stop another and another from enduring the same destiny and this disgusting cruelty continuing for years to come.


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