Biologists Shoot, Kill Black Bear Alleged in Fatal Attack on Young Bird Ridge Runner!


State biologists on Tuesday shot and slaughtered four black bears in the Bird Ridge area, plus one they believe fatally attacked a 16-year-old Anchorage runner in a mountain race Sunday, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said Wednesday.

Officials say they are self-confident they killed the suspect bear.

A sign signals park users that the Bird Ridge trail is closed Monday. (Marc Lester/Alaska Dispatch News)

The fourth bear shot had “a new wound to its lower jaw,” according to the statement.  A park ranger had shot the black bear found declining to leave the site of Patrick “Jack” Cooper’s body on Sunday.

“This is a serious condition, and we wanted to ensure we got the correct bear,” said Alaska Department of Fish and Game spokesman Ken Marsh. “There’s already been a casualty involved with this animal. It was a risk we couldn’t allow to linger.”


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