Changzhou Zoo Criticised For Feeding Tigers a Live Donkey! (PG)



“Two tigers instantly swam up to the donkey and bit its neck,” wrote a netizen, whose post on a local online forum instantaneously drew attention. Photos from the post showed that the donkey was carried to the river from a truck, which was laden with other animals including sheep. The men who threw the donkey were also purportedly trying to throw the sheep in as well, but were stopped by the zoo’s guards and some visitors.


“It may be normal to feed tigers live animals to replicate life in the wild, but it typically happens in the evening when the zoo is closed. This will scare children,” commented a netizen.


“I was shocked when I saw that. I have never seen anything like that before. I myself could not take it,” a visitor surnamed Li told Nanjing newspaper Modern Express.


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