Horror as Chinese Dog Owners “De-bark” their Pets! (PG)


There are always animal cruelty stories stemming from China. The stereotype can’t be ignored when stories like this pop-up. A Chinese amateur veterinarian named ‘Zeng’ is being investigated and possibly charged for carrying out a practice on the side of the road which involves de-barking dogs.

via mirror.co.uk

He has promoted his cruel practice of promising pet owners he can silence the noise their dogs make with a simple procedure. His practice just happens to be a roadside stall. Images have surfaced and being shared online showing him ripping out and cutting vocal chords of poor dogs.

via mirror.co.uk

The brutal images sparked an investigation in Qingbajijiang District in Chengdu. With the vet and his assistant are unlicensed to practice veterinarian services. Dogs are brutally tortured to silence them.


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