Horror as Chinese Dog Owners “De-bark” their Pets! (PG)


The procedures are usually carried out in alleyways, while the dogs are awake. Their mouths are drawn wide open and they are operated on. The vet has to dig deep into their throats to reach their vocal chords. This brutal practice literally leaves the dogs with no voice, they become mute. Many people have also questioned the hygiene of this practice since it is carried out in open daylight near a local flower and bird market.

via mirror.co.uk

Previous customers have said that the dogs are anaesthetised with one shot in the animal’s leg. After the procedure, they are left to lie lifeless until they can move again. This all seems very barbaric.


via mirror.co.uk

It was also noticed that the same tools were used for each procedure. Each procedure is about 5 minutes long. Each procedure costs usually between 5 to 10 pounds. This is a note of how unhygienic and barbaric that this man’s practice is.


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