College Pupils ‘Kill Animals in Sick Initiation Rite’ As Pictures and Footage Posted Online (PG)


Police launched a probe after footage was posted of students seemingly stamping on a fox cub and a picture of a student holding a dead cat went viral.

A snapchat image which seems to show a fox cub being butchered with a knife (Photo: Snapchat/SWNS)

A student has been expelled and others suspended from a high-class college with animal care courses over claims they killed a fox and a cat.

Pupils allegedly contested to kill the largest animal in a sick initiation rite.

Police launched a probe after a stud­ent posted footage of youths apparently stam­p­­ing on a fox cub and slitting its throat.

The 10-second clip was shared on Snapchat captioned: “Got the f*****.”


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