A Grinning Sea Turtle, a Terrifying Fang Tooth Fish and an Underwater Volcano: Sir David Attenborough Reveals Blue Planet II’s Most Stunning Images Yet!


Breath-taking images shared by David Attenborough have provided a foretaste into a world teeming with alien-like creatures.

The amazing images come ahead of Blue Planet II’s release later this month, for which at least 1,000 hours of underwater filming took place across the globe.

The much-loved TV nature expert is also urging the world to cut down on the use of plastics by ‘tomorrow’ to curb growing dangers to the ocean.

Sir David told how his involvement filming the second Blue Planet series showed him the threat that plastic causes to the underwater surroundings.

His commentaries came as he attended a Q&A about the show ahead of its broadcast on BBC One later this month, 15 years after the original series.

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Sir David released the amazing images ahead of Blue Planet II. This picture, taken by photographer Matty Smith, shows the surreal Portugese man-of-war venomous jellyfish. via dailymail.co.uk
A tiny hermit crab with super-sharp pincers which it uses to feed. The crabs take over the shells of molluscs to protect their defenseless abdomens. via dailymail.co.uk
A terrifying-looking fang tooth has the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean proportional to body size. They are among the deepest-living fish and live in the muddy depths of up to 16,000ft below the surface of the ocean. via dailymail.co.uk
A sassy green turtle is all smiles for underwater cameraman Jason Isley, who captures this delightful image while the Blue Planet team were filming in Sipidan, Borneo. via dailymail.co.uk
The Blue Planet II team operated with several hi-tech submarines to reach the enigmatic and alien depths. via dailymail.co.uk
A mud volcano in the Gulf of Mexico, where bubbles of methane explode from the deep-down seafloor, dragging clouds of millennia-old sediment with them as they rise. via dailymail.co.uk


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