Father Of 12-Year-Old Big Game Trophy Hunter Aryanna Gourdin Is A Convicted Poacher!


Aryanna later added: “I like hunting because it has been in my family for a long time.”

Mr Gourdin, of Cove, Utah, was criticised by reporter Piers Morgan for “training” his daughter.

Aryanna is the second youngest female to make worldwide headlines after 19-year-old Texan cheerleader Kendall Jones provoked outrage in 2014.


Aryanna Gourdin with a dead antelope

She sent images online of her delighted smile next to a recently shot Lion, Rhinoceros, Antelope, Leopard, Elephant, Zebra and Hippo.

Aryanna is too young to have her own personal Facebook account but a page has been set up on social media site describing all her bloody activities.

The page, called Aryanna Gourdin – Braids and Bows, crowds images of her glorifying slayings of big game animals. She also has a Twitter profile with the title: “I hunt, nothing, nothing is going to change that.” Via mirror.co.uk


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