Fight Between Jaguar and Yellow Anaconda Caught by Wildlife Photographer


He continued, stating “…I know of several people who have spent twenty years or more on the river and not had the good fortune to see what I saw last week.”

Chris Brunskill LTD

Chris clarified that the two rivals fought for about 90 seconds in a battle to the death. The snake was seemingly, “lunging at the Jaguar several times” during the conflict.


“Ten minutes up river we spotted a jaguar walking in the open along the top of the riverbank when something in a patch of long grass caught her attention…” Chris stated.

Instagram @ChrisBrunskill

He continued, “I was only half paying attention at this point when she tapped her paw into the grass and out came an anaconda!”

Instagram @ChrisBrunskill

Brunskill told The Telegraph that the jaguar came out to be the winner of the contest after several vicious bites to the snake’s mid-section. Even though the snake was able to bite it on the nose more than once.

Chris Brunskill