Grading Endangered Animals – 10 Videos


With as few as 30 left, the Amur Leopard is closer to extermination than perhaps any animal on Earth, according to World Wildlife Fund. Some of the world’s most gorgeous animals are also some of its most endangered. Some species are actively threatened because of their beauty—hunted for their coats, tusks or other body parts—while others have traditionally been hunted for their meat. More and more commonly though, mankind’s effect on the world’s animals is indirect. Our reach for properties, and land to cultivate or build on, has resulted in the disappearance of almost 15 species since 2000.


But it’s not all doom and gloom. Even animals categorised as critically endangered can make it back from the brink, if we act in enough time. The bald eagle and American alligator were once on the edge of extermination, and both now have healthy populations. Let’s hope we’ll be saying the same about the gorgeous animals in this playlist in a couple of years.

The World’s 5 Rarest Animals

from SciShow

25 Most Endangered Species on Earth

from list25


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