Horrifying: 14-foot Great White Shark seen as Man wades to it in Shallow Water!


On the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Dale Pearson saw near his home, a shark that seemed to be caught in a gill net. He originally thought it was a hammerhead shark or something like it. His friend Eric Mack and himself, ran down to the scene to see what they could do.

via dailymail.co.uk
via dailymail.co.uk

When they arrived on the beach, they immediately realized that the shark was actually a Great White that didn’t seem to be caught at all. But it did have a large cut on its back. It seemed like the shark was hit by a boat and the cut was caused by a propeller. As in bad shape as the shark actually was, sharks are very durable and hardy, and this one was in great health otherwise.

via dailymail.co.uk


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