Planet Earth Crew II Shocked As 150,000 Antelope Die In Front Of Them!


1. These Majestic Creatures Were Utterly Wiped Out

David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth II” is a long anticipated nature program building on the preceding success of the series. But during shooting, the crew came across something they had never before witnessed in all of their time shooting nature. The death of over 150,000 Antelope in mere days.


The shooting took place in Kazakhstan, in the calving surroundings of the Saiga Antelope. Disease struck the enormous herd, and they were overcome by illness and lost 150,000 out of their herd. The producer of this fateful episode, Chadden Hunter, thought that he was observing the death of an entire species. He said:

“When we were out there in the calving grounds, with hundreds of thousands of females all giving birth at the same time, a very ­virulent disease swept through the population and killed around 150,000 of them in a matter of three days. At the time we thought we were watching the greatest natural catastrophe that I’d ever heard of. We watched 150,000 of these magnificent animals die in front of us.”


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