Shocking Video Clip Reveals Tourists Posing With A ‘Drugged’ Lion For Holiday Snapshots At Indonesian Zoo!



Animal welfare NGO Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group published the video clip, which has presently been seen in excess of 1.5million times, to Fb on April 2.

‘Scorpion requests Taman Safari to end this as well as other exploitation of wild animals. Zoos are not intended to charm people,’ explained the organisation’s senior investigator Marison Guciano.

‘They must be about conservation as well as education, I’m sure we all agree – don’t we?’ The Taman Safari Park, nonetheless, asserts that the lion was simply just asleep ‘after her lunch and vitamins’, and that lions require a large amount of rest within the wild.

Drugged Lion-02Keepers pull the Lion’s head over in order to face the cameras just for tourists’ photographs


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