Sickest show on Earth: Elephants forced to do tricks and bikini-clad orangutans made to box each other for tourists


Terrible images from Thailand show how animals perform in front of crowds of people.

The crowds gasp and awe at terrified zoo animals. Elephants sit on stone cold floors while tossing hoops with its trunk. The audience appears delighted at the poor animal’s suffering.

An elephant does tricks for tourists (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

The shows get more extravagant at another zoos show. Orangutans have boxing gloves strapped on and forced to fight in a boxing ring. Female orangutans are the ring girls wearing bikinis and a miniskirt.

Thailand’s sanctuaries, a place meant to keep animals safe, are exploiting them for shows like these. They are so popular in Thailand that over 10 million people make their way to see it.

Two orangutans are forced to fight (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

“I saw drugged elephants shackled to chains by night, and then made to ‘dance’ or play football all day; grossly overweight or underweight orangutans kept in tiny cages or forced to box each other; emaciated tigers kept on tiny chains, so they could barely move; a gorilla living in a filthy cell at the top of a shopping mall; and monkeys dressed up, yanked around on leads and made to ride bikes.”

An orangutan is dressed in a bikini for the pleasure of visitors (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

“What I witnessed was incredibly distressing. It was a wildlife house of horrors. Many animals are beaten and mistreated and have their spirits broken by handlers, rendering them completely submissive. Yet most tourists aren’t aware of the abuse or how poor the quality of life is for captive animals.” As told by Aaron Gekoski, an environmentalist, and photojournalist.

All of this is terrible for animals. Take orangutans, in the wild, they are gentle creatures. They have kind and calming personalities. But here they are forced to fight, and they are mistreated to get them to perform. They are forced to do acrobatic-type stunts before the fight begins to get the crowd excited.

They even exploit female orangutans, using them as ring girls. For a cheap laugh, their pants or skirts are pulled down. We are disgusted when this happens to human beings, now it is being done to innocent animals.

Aaron said: “The orangutans are not doing it because they want to, they are doing it because they are forced to. One can only imagine how these animals were trained in order to perform like this.”

Biking monkey is tied up to a leash (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

It has also been reported by Aaron that animals are also abused and mistreated in Phuket Zoo and Pata zoo. He realized what was happening after the BBC was under fire when the for former MP Michael Portilla was filmed at an Indian park. This is where elephants were supposedly chained during the night; then forced to let visitors ride them. They even had to lift visitors with their trunks. Visitors were also allowed to paint their skin, even though their skin is sensitive.

Ape cowers on bare floor after fight (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

Through Aarons shock, he has begun a movement. He wants a trip-advisor type website set up so people can post all their videos, photos and reviews of abused animals and raise the red flag.

He is busy in the process of raising funds through crowdfunding to go back to Thailand and film a documentary about these particular animals who are abused for entertainment.

In the wild, orangutans are solitary, gentle creatures (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

Peta said: “When you see animals performing what is uncomfortable or stressful tricks, know they are doing it because they are afraid, often subjected to electric shocks, cigarette burns, or beatings if they do not obey.”

In Thailand itself, the group Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand have been fighting the good fight for 17 years already.

­“Thailand has numerous attractions which exploit wild and domestic animals. Some are operating and obtaining animals illegally.

“I visited a well-known Bangkok zoo and witnessed huge numbers of infant chimpanzees and orangutans. Many of the animals you have seen will have been illegally poached.” Said a spokesperson.

Awareness is being raised so that tourists can stay away from these shows. They are terrible for animals, who go through mistreatment and abuse. If people watch these shows, they are ill informed and ignorant to enjoy it. These animals are beaten and starved to break them into submission. Orangutans are highly intelligent creatures who are closely related to humans. There is no line in abusing humans and these animals.

Tourists are funding this trade by visiting shows (Image: AARON GEKOSKI / CATERS NEWS)

Tourists are the reason these trades are happening, spreading awareness and stopping people from watching them will save these animals and any possible future animals from being abused. Tourist needs to know what is going on and what are they are actually paying for. We as people need to make the right decision in not condoning these shows by attending these exploitive events.

This kind of human behavior cannot continue, which makes it sad that it still is happening.

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