Police Invade Warehouse and Find Cardboard Boxes Full of Eagles


Individuals were shipping them off to be kept as pets.

The police got to the warehouse just in time. If they’d arrived any later, the creatures inside might have never been saved.

Wildlife traffickers in West Kallimantan, Indonesia, had just stolen six animals from their woodland homes — a Bornean slow Loris, a baby leopard cat, a Javan hawk-eagle, a Wallace’s hawk-eagle, a crested hawk-eagle and a crested hawk-eagle chick. Then the traffickers crowded the animals into cardboard boxes, which were taped up and marked for transport. But last week, Indonesian police broke into the warehouse and caught the traffickers red-handed.

The cardboard boxes holding the smuggled animals (International Animal rescue)

“The suspects at first denied they were unlawfully selling wildlife but finally confessed after questioning by the police,” International Animal Rescue (IAR) said in a statement.

(International Animal Rescue)

The traffickers had been selling the creatures as pets via a Facebook group called “Sale and Purchase Animal Auction Pontianak,” which had been functioning since late 2016, according to IAR. The Facebook group was shut down following the raid.

(International Animal Rescue)


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