Watch A Wild Lion Prove with Rage Why Tourists Should Stay Inside Their Car!


This video was posted about 3 years ago. If you watch closely, you can see people hanging outside the car window to try to get as close as possible: Tourist’s love getting the perfect snapshots of animals. This lion and lioness were just relaxing in the sun and watching the cars when this incident occurred. Hanging outside the window like this is ignorance and stupidity for disregarding the park rules for your very own safety.

The rules clearly indicate which are posted everywhere that not any part of your body should be outside your car window or even a sun roof. This will prevent annoy animal attack by not upsetting any of the wild animals.

When you watch the video, you will the people hanging out the window, clear as day. This immediately began to get defensive and uncomfortable. You can see this as the lion begins to wag his tail very uncomfortably. He then lets out a loud roar warning the human tourists to back off. Scaring them to going back inside the confines of their car, this is for their own safety.

This video sets a great example of how ignorant people can be. Following the rules is of high importance for everyone’s safety. As exciting as a safari is, especially for the first time, don’t aggravate dangerous wild animals. Follow every rule with respect for the park and for the magnificent creatures you have gone to see. Other than that, if you have children, you must take responsibility in guiding them.

Below you can watch the video and heart that loud, blood-curdling roar. This warning is surprising, since the lion could actually have attacked. The car was nearby…

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