From the mighty lion playing with its prey to the baby polar bear hitching a ride on its mom’s back: Unbelievable images from wildlife photographers capture breath-taking moments in the animal kingdom


From the reassuring grip of a mother’s love to the deadly grasp of the mighty lion, these incredible images capture the heart-warming and sometimes fierce beauty of nature.

Bringing together some of the most unbelievable images from all the world, the new collection features the African lion caught in a ‘stare of death’ with a wildebeest, toying with the small creature caught soon after it was born.

Another shows a Japanese macaque monkey embracing its sleeping child’s head in her hand in a contrasting image showing the more loving side of nature.

Penguin chicks can be seen bunching together to stay warm as they are blasted by a storm in Antarctica in another tender moment seized in pictures to be showcased at the Natural History Museum.

The images have been collected as part of the People’s Choice awards, which the community can vote for and will be on show at the museum until the vote closes on 10 January 2017.

There were nearly 50,000 submissions from 95 countries and the significant competition is famous for capturing the most breath-taking sights in nature, rarely seen by the human eye. 

The leader of the 25 photos submitted for the People’s Choice award will go on display in the museum until September 2017, when the show closes.  


The stare of death (Johan Kloppers, South Africa): Johan saw this little wildebeest soon after it was born in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Little did he know that he would see its death later that same day – the small herd of wildebeest strolled right past a pride of lions and the calf was taken by a lioness and then also taken by this male lion.


Hitching a ride (Daisy Gilardini, Switzerland): This female polar bear was relaxing with its two young cubs in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada, when it abruptly got up and hurried downhill through the deep snow. One of the cubs hopped on to her, holding onto her furry backside with a firm bite – totally unanticipated and amusing behaviour


The stand-off (Michael Lambie, Canada): It was breeding season and all the male turkeys were putting on a show for the ladies, but a number of birds seemed a little disordered. This one was more worried with the potential suitor in front of it, not grasping it was its own reflection


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