Zoo Keeper Leaves Enclosure open for Bengal Tigers to Kill Endangered White Tiger


Usually, the animals will attack and kill each other in the wild. But when they kill each other due to human negligence from a zoo, this can become shocking news. White tigers are on the endangered species list, being killed by a pack of large cats is quite a blow. Especially because the zookeeper supposedly left the enclosure open.

Shreyas, the nine-year-old white tiger was caught on camera fighting off a pack of Bengal cats before being wounded. Despite her terrible wounds, she managed to escape the enclosure to her neighbouring tiger Amar who is also a white tiger. Amars injuries were minor in comparison, being only his jaw and one of his paws.

via mirror.co.uk

After the mauling took place on Sunday, Shreyas tragically died yesterday. This has left a hole of shock and sadness of losing a rare and majestic creature like this.

via mirror.co.uk

A clip was taken at the Bannerghatta Biological Park, which is situated In a southern state of India. The video depicts a zookeeper trying his best to distract the cats to help the white tiger escape.


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